Harmony XL Pro

The Harmony XL Pro features an array of advanced applications that allows to provide highly effective, reliable and safe treatments for a variety of challenging skin concerns. Each technology and treatment approach has a first-rate safety record, proven in extensive clinical studies. At Esthetica Clinic we can treat all areas of the body, treat all skin types, and meet the needs of all potential clients.

The Harmony XL Pro is used for Skin Remodeling, Vascular Legions, Tattoo Removal, Pigmentation, Tone & Texture, Acne and much more.

Harmony XL Pro offers nearly 20 distinct laser, light and ultrasound technologies treating over 65 FDA-cleared medical/aesthetic indications. New innovations include depth control capabilities which allow us to control the precise depth of treatment depending on the area being treated, skin type or indication and multi-color tattoo removal, a specialized tip maximizing treatment safety for darker skinned patients, and a powerful new acne treatment combining laser with vacuum technology.

We are also able to offer the word renowned Clearskin™ and Clearlift™ treatments

Soprano ICE Platinum

We are proud to say that Esthetica Clinic is the only Laser Clinic in East London offering the amazing and award winning Soprano ICE Platinum for all of your hair removal needs.

The Soprano ICE Platinum combines 3 laser wavelengths into a single innovative handpiece, simultaneously targeting different tissue depths as well as anatomical structures within the hair follicle. By combining the absorption and penetration levels of three different wavelengths, along with the treatment coverage, comfort and low maintenance of the diode laser, Soprano ICE Platinum achieves the safest and most comprehensive hair removal treatment available anywhere today.

Thanks to Soprano ICE Platinum at Esthetica Clinic we can guaranteed you Hair Removal that

  • Uses 3 combined wavelengths covering the optimal treatment spectrum
  • is virtually painless
  • has a proven safety record
  • can treat all skin types
  • can treat tanned skin

The Soprano ICE Platinum is simply the best and that’s why it is at Esthetica Clinic.